A country located north of Carnelia and north-west of Windbloom.

Capital: Perennial
Population: 3.6 Billion
Government: Hereditary Monarchy
Noble Houses:
Ruler: Nera Fleuret(Current)
Ruler Title: Regis

Eastern Continent, North of Carnelia, North-West of Windbloom



People and Culture


A primarily cold country, Altea is known for its snowfall, which lasts some two thirds of their year. This leads to a very fast and furious growing season and harvest, during the four summer months. So, during the winter months people stay indoors. Fortunately, the actual landscape is somewhat gentle. Lots of valleys and hills, very little sharp rises until you reach it's borders, which excepting it's border with Carnelia, are all mountainous, giving it a good natural defense.

Its north has a few forests and is bordered by the northern oceans, which allow some sea trade when the ice has melted. Cities border this coast, but they are not as important as its capital, or counties closer to its borders. Its capital is Perennial, a pleasant area bordered by hills and valleys, it is a center of trade for the people of Altea, as well as a bastion against its foes. There are, unfortunately, very little more to tell about the geography of Altea, but that it is a pleasant, if cold place, that should not be underestimated in ones itinerary.

-From the Explorer's League Annal's

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