Name: Beatrix
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Affiliation: Arcadia/Harod Glare

A soldier from birth, she was part of secret experiments involving human psychology, training and weapons use. For some reason, her psyche is rather unwarped by it all, which was why she was released to the Arcadian military. Finding a friend in Harod Glare, the son of Grand Marshall Glare, she fell in love with him, and began serving as his second in command.

She wields the experimental weapon: Gem Harness. It is a suit that enhances her fighting ability, and shields her from harm, most of the time. She still retains her training from her early years and is a formidable fighter in her own right. She depends a lot on support, in case her suit runs out of energy or she is surrounded.

During the Faceless Wars, she was under the leadership of Harod Glare, and joined him with his command to take a city that had been abandoned by the Faceless Ones. Joining was Lothar, a good friend who was always up for a fight and Jerome Tray, a captain with high ambitions. They took the city without much loss of life, but soon, they realized it was a trap set for them by the leader of the Faceless, Tloke.

Tloke's minion, Grake soon appeared with designs on her Gem Harness. He was able to separate her from it and beat her until he thought her dead. She woke up and discovered that Harod was to be executed before the whole army. She attempts to reach him in time, but fails, and watches him die. She charges Tloke, hoping to snap his 'neck'. They fight, but as she is about to deliver a death blow, she is stabbed in the back by Jzonzz, Tloke's right hand man. Her body is never recovered.