A country located east of Sabbatholm, south of Althea, and west of Windbloom.

Capital: Antioch
Population: 3.9 Billion
Government: Theocracy
Ruler: Arch Diviner of the Saint Church
Ruler Title: Arch Diviner
Location Eastern Continent, East of Sabbatholm, South of Althea, and West of Windbloom.


The nation unfortunately placed between the super powers of Arcadia and Sabbatholm. It is not to be underestimated and it has retained its independence despite many wars on its territories.


Not much occurred until the Saint Church unified the nation. Previously it had been a battle ground, like the Neutral Lands. After the Saint Church brought peace to the nation, the Column Senate began, and they requested to use Carnelia, which has a relatively central position. The Saint Church agreed readily, this gave them immense legitimacy, a problem to older and more powerful nations like Sabbatholm, which always hungered after more land.

After the destruction of the Column Senate during the end of the Era of the Columns, Carnelia was thrown into war after war. The Arcadic Sabbatholm War was mainly fought on Carnelian Land, despite the efforts of The 12 Pillars the replacements for the Columns. After that, the Faceless One, Tloke and his army, rampaged through it, but passed it by in favor of the greater prize of Arcadia.

They sent Seven fleets up during the Era of the Admirals and two Pillars led the assaults.

People and Culture

Carnelian's are a generally friendly sort. They like listening to other people from other lands. Most Carnelians never leave Carnelia, or if they do, they invariably go to Arcadia. This is considered odd, as Carnelia has a thriving Airship industry.

They enjoy racing contests and have a gigantic racehorse competition every year. Also, young hotshots are always Airship racing. Also, it is uncommon, but by no means rare for the young to be Sky Pirates, at least for a year. Carnelian government turns a blind eye to it much of the time, but only if they keep quiet about it.


Carnelia is quite flat, it has mountains along it's borders on Althea and Sabbatholm. Marshland covered much of it's border with the Neutral Lands and Arcadia is separated by a small series of plateaus that are used by Arcadia and Carnelia as Airhip mooring bases.

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  • Inspired by the midwest of the USA.

Regions in Carnelia
Antioch - Avalon - Dolarion - Reven - New Edwards - Lake Victoria - Rubinoh - Marylebone - Central City