A young, homeless girl, who turned out to be the missing Princess of Althea. The pendant she always wore, contained a Royal Aquamarine, the symbol of the Althean Monarchy.

Cecilly Fleuret
Name: Cecilly Fleuret
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Noble House: House Fleuret
Title: Former Regis of Althea
  • ??? Father
  • ??? Mother
  • Younger Sister Nera


Sometime between her birth and meeting Tybalt, Cecilly ended up becoming homeless and a street rat, but because the Althea was a prosperous and friendly nation, she didn't starve. When Tybalt arrives, Cecilly quickly befriends him, but he carries a trail of blood with him and is hunted by the Vargr. He decides to take her to a festival and the two enjoy themselves until Avenir shows up and tries to get Cecilly's pendant from her. After Avenir leaves, a traveling scholar tells Cecilly the importance of her pendant; it signified her right to the throne of Althea.

Realizing what he's gotten himself into, Tybalt tries to bring Cecilly to Perennial. Along the way, he is blinded, but manages to get Cecilly to safety. He disappears and months later during her announcement as crown princess, Cecilyl spots Tybalt in the crowd, but before she can call out to him, he disappears. Sometime after that, Cecilly finds Tybalt while he is listening to Nera's coronation, she resolves to marry him and the two are married a short time later.


  • Reference to Cecily Fairchild from Gundam F91 Anime