Cleaning Robot
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1 foot

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Black Sensor

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His creator, Oregino, made him to be a sentient cleaning robot after his granddaughter, Dalia, died. He continued to make improvements even after his complete failure with creating the robot version of his now deceased granddaughter. Eventually, while the Cleaning Robot never became 'creative' it served as an assistant in his experiments. Eventually, its creator died. Leaving a blank in its 'Order File', which holds all its directives. Thus, to 'clean up' it killed all the other scientists in the base and made the entire facility pristine, without the touch of humanity.

When Vidai Alan and his Treasure Hunters arrived and opened the doors to the facility, it reawakened and desired to kill them and clean up the mess they were making, going through its facility. When the Treasure Hunters used the communications equipment to contact Ronan Longer's ship, it redirected some of the communication to the Sky-Pirate Susan Determinator and her crew as well. It hoped that all three parties would destroy each other. It reactivated Dalia, and told her that the intruders wanted to destroy every thing that her beloved grandfather had made, sending her on a collision course with the Sky-Pirates

It then contacted the Treasure Hunters, keeping them from properly joining with the Air-Marines of Ronan. It lured them away, saying it needed help to protect the factory. Meanwhile, Dalia ran into Susan Determinator and her mate, Trevalayn Determinator, unfortunately, she was defeated and was kicked out a window. Realizing that it would not be enough, it contacted Langston Koll and offered him great power if he would kill the Treasure Hunters. After three Treasure Hunters died, Langston ran into Horan Hayes and had to retreat from battle.

Meanwhile, Vidai and Red Contra realized that the machine desired to kill them. Unfortunately, it had led them into the factory, and had shut off all retreat. The robot revealed the last creation of Oregino, the prototype robot soldier. It placed its A.I. core inside and attack the Treasure Hunters and Horan Hayes. Langston Koll, who had secretly followed them down there administered the coup-de-grace and killed the Cleaning Robot.