Dalia is the creation of the False Column Oregino. She originally was his grand daughter and only living relative. She died in a lab explosion, causing her grandfather to go mad and try to rebuild her, but she was ultimately flawed as he could never 'perfect' her A.I. He deactivated her, but kept her nearby for the rest of his life. She slept for many years before being awakened by Cleaning Robot to kill the intruders: Vidai Alan and his Treasure Hunters, Ronan Longer and his Air Marines and Susan Determinator and her Sky Pirates.

Name: Dalia
Sex: Female
Species: Android
Affiliation: Oregino

When she awoke she was told that the intruders had killed her grandfather. She went on a rage and attack the Sky Pirates. They defeated her eventually and tossed her out a window. She recovered and fought Kell Johnson and her Air Marines, who managed to blow off her left arm (which had been damaged by time). She retreated into Susan and Trevalayn Determinator and their pirates again. Susan and her fought once more and they fell to their deaths.

Dalia's last thoughts were her grandfather, in a recorded message, revealed that she was an android and that, though he wanted to love her, he could not help but hate her for looking, and never being, like his granddaughter. She shut down permanently before she could comprehend what he had told her. Her body was recovered by the Air Marines and sent to an Arcadian laboratory to be studied.


  • Despite similarities, no connection to the Lim Androids