When I first met you, it felt like time had stopped. Did we not meet by chance, just you and I? These feelings I feel, all seem so real. Is this infatuation or love?


House Audrey

Audrey Sisters


Belca Family

  • Yadon Belca - The head of the Belca Family, he loves all of his children and runs several small marketplaces. He has been widowed for 12 years and hasn't remarried, but has great pride in his families abilities and the hard work and honesty of his family.
  • Tiene Belca - The deceased wife of Yadon Belca, she died ten years prior to the story.
  • Helena Belca - Grandmother Belca, she wants her son to get remarried, but he continually refuses to do so, she doesn't approve of Joseph, but wants all her grandchildren to find happiness.
  • Jae Belca - The eldest son of the Belca Family, he is a graduate from Vanille Academy and an aspiring singer but isn't very good or recognized at this point.
  • Reyfon Belca - The 2nd eldest son of a minor merchant family, he believes that honest and hard work are the best ways to achieve what one wants. Reyfon also firmly believes in the class divide and thinks that people from upper and lower classes should not mingle.
  • Joseph Belca - An orphan that was adopted into the Belca Family, he is the 3rd eldest son and is a hard worker, hoping to one day get approval from his grandmother.
  • Waite Belca - The youngest son of the Belca Family, he is a student who constantly spends time at the library, he wishes there were more to his life, but realizes his families financial limits.


  • Reitz Astellion - A homeless guy, he works heavy labor to make ends meet and travels from city to city looking for work, he has gained alot of experience in various fields.
  • Renault Von Casper - A nobleman from the Casper Family, he was a hero during the last war and is now forced into a marriage meeting with Clair Audrey, he firmly rejects the idea of arranged marriages and believes instead in finding one's own love.
  • George Worrel - A once renowned Arena Champion, he is now retired and runs a run down Dojo.
  • Cypien Falcia - A son of House Falcia, he falls in love with Clain Audrey. but she sees him as no more than a royals son.
  • Reuel Kaphisilla - one of the sons from House Kaphisilla, he is a playboy and tries to woo Cali time and time again, he does not believe in lasting love.
  • Alkaid Astellion - The current Arena Champion of Midworld, she was once trained by George Worrel.
  • Minorin Marfes - A delivery girl, she is constantly pestered when she finds out someone (Jae) has been stealing from her dairy deliveries and finds him in the act.


Chapter 1: Every little piece of you

  • The story starts with Reyfon walking down the street but a person bumps into him and runs off, he realizes that the person has robbed him of something important and he chases after the person. He runs past Waite, Jae, and Joseph who are heading home, they stop and help him apprehend the criminal. It turns out the criminal stole a ring, Jae comments how it looks cheap, but Reyfon says that it took him 6 months of working in the factory to afford it.
  • Later that day at the factory, Reyfon is clocking in, but someone grabs his arm, he turns to see Clain, she hugs him and greets him with a good morning. He scolds her and tells her that she shouldn't do that at the work place, rumors will start. She scolds him back by telling him that they've been dating for a year now, what rumors could start that haven't already.
  • Clain whispers into Reyfon's ear asking if he wants to have lunch, he agrees and she joking remarks, "See you at lunch then, Section Chief." He replies back with a "Same to you, Inspector Springfield." She smiles and heads off to a section separate from his.
  • Raquel is talking to her associates about how her daughters are close to marrying and she mentions that Clair's marriage interview is now scheduled, she'll need to do something about Clain.
  • Clair is sitting worried about the upcoming marriage interview, Belice comforts her and tells her that the madam always makes the best decisions. Cali enters the room suddenly and shows Clair her new camera, it's a new model. Belice leaves the room and outside greets Clover as she comes home. Inside the room Clair is thinking how while she still can, Cali ought to enjoy her freedom, she wonders if her fiance is ill tempered or not.
  • Renault throws down the marriage interview papers and yells at his servant, his servant apologizes and tells him that it was an order from his father, Renault angrily goes to his father's room.
  • It is lunchtime, Clain is dragged into a storage room by Reyfon, she asks him what's up with him right now, he starts off by telling her that even though she's poor, it isn't a crime to be, and that he knows that her family situation is complicated and that she must work many shifts to be able to make ends meet but, that he doesn't wish for her life to be the way it is. He tells her that he isn't very good at expressing his words but, he slips a ring onto her ringfinger, She looks up at him and asks what is this suppose to mean? Reyfon gets on one knee and proposes to her.
  • Reitz is walking along the street and sees a ad looking for paid fighters to be the openers in a big fight match coming soon, he writes down the address on the flyer.
  • Joseph returns home from work, he sees that Reyfon is asleep and asks Jae why Reyfon is asleep so early, Jae says that Reyfon got rejected, but Reyfon tosses a pillow at Jae and tells him that's not exactly the case, she needed time to think.
  • Clover holds up a teddy bear and makes faces at it, she hears the door downstairs unlock and rushes down to greet Clain, she asks Clain why she works at the factory when father can give her any position anywhere, Clain tells her it isn't the time to discuss such silly matters and hangs her coat.
  • Reyfon gets a text message from Clain that night, she tells him that she didn't reject him, but rather, she wants to get everything straightened out with her family first. Reyfon smiles and goes to sleep.
  • In the morning Reyfon goes to the station to see Clain off, he wishes her a happy holidays and she does the same to him, but when he goes away she gets off the train and has Lamerat, her driver, take her somewhere else.
  • Raquel is at the airport and is very worried that Clain hasn't showed up, Clair comforts her mother and tells her that Clain is just running a bit late, Raquel says that she regrets allowing her to work in one of the House' factories.
  • Clain arrives and her mother orders her to put on noble clothes and she does so though stubbornly.
  • Clain sits near Clari on the airship and she makes a face at her mother, Clari laughs and Raquel says that she wishes all of her children were more proper like Clair and Camile.
  • Renault is flipping through the papers concerning his marriage meeting, he sees a picture of Clair and tries to recall where he's seen her before.
  • Camile picks up the phone, he becomes angry at hearing that some paperwork wasn't finished on time, he hangs up and calls someone else.
  • Reyfon picks up the phone and realizes it's his old friend Camile, he hears the situation and tells Camile that he'll be on the airship that night. Grandmother Belca comes in and asks if he's going to miss his mother's death anniversary, he tells her that regretfully, he has to go for work. Yadon overhears it and goes outside for a smoke.
  • At the marketplace, Joseph is unpacking the new goods and Jae comes by with his guitar, Joseph asks him what he's taking today, and Jae pleads with him for a box of supplies. Joseph sighs and hands him one, he marks it off as his own expense.
  • Waite comes home and sees his father outside, he tries to be silly, but his father just goes back inside. Waite goes in and finds out that Reyfon is going on a business trip, he asks for a present, and Helena tells him to go to the library. He makes an arrogant face and tells her that he'll go, it's the only thing in life for him anyways.
  • The servants bring in luggage and Camile comes downstairs to greet his family, his sisters all give him a hug. His wife Judith is with them, along with her servant Eliane, he is surprised to see them, Eliane doesn't look him in the eye.
  • Belice is with Raquel picking dresses for Clain, Raquel tells Belice that she wants Clain to get married to Cypien Falcia, one of the sons from House Falcia, so that House Audrey will grow in power.
  • Yadon goes into a private room, there is a portrait of his wife, he looks at it and says to it, "Has it already been ten years?"
  • The whole of House Audrey and House Falcia are having dinner together, Cypien tries to strike a conversation with Clain but she pays him no heed, she's thinking of Reyfon.
  • In the morning Reyfon arrives at Articose, he is greeted by Boisvert, who takes him to see Camile.
  • A servant enters the room and talks to Renault, Renault looks surprised and remarks if things really need to move this fast?
  • Camile is discussing business with his father, Clain goes in to greet them with a good morning, the bell of the house rings and she hears the sound of Reyfon's voice.
  • Clain goes into a different room and tries to confirm if it's Reyfon, as Reyfon enters, he greets Blaise and Camile, in the corner of his eyes he thinks he sees Clain peeking on them, but he thinks he's imagining it. The three discuss the things that Reyfon was called to bring.
  • At the grave of Tiene Audrey, Yadon sees that Jae isn't there, he yells out in anger saying how many years has it been and he still won't accept it?
  • Raquel scolds Clain for not looking interested at last night's gathering, Clain tells her she wasn't interested, Raquel gets angry and tries to slap her with a pillow, but Clover and Cali step in to hold her back, Clain continues taunting her mother, but Belice tries to stop Clain, telling her to let it go and apologize.
  • Later, Reyfon is given a room in a hotel close to the residence, he gives Clain a call and tells her that he saw a girl that looks like her, he wonders what she's doing, they talk for a bit, Clain asks when he's leaving and he tells her first flight in the morning, and wish each other good night, Clain puts a pillow on her face and yells into it, Clover throws a water bottle at her and tells her to let her sleep.
  • Camile walks into a bar and sees Eliane drinking alone, he goes and sits next to her, asking her, why she didn't keep in contact with him all these years. She gets up to leave, but he grabs her hand and tells her he's missed her, missed her alot.
  • Clain looks at the ring Reyfon gave her and smiles, she keeps it on in bed.

Chapter 2: Loving you in a crazy world

  • June heads into Cali's room and goes through her wardrobe, she tries on different clothes, Roberta goes in and yells at her for messing with Cali's things, June comments on how she is much prettier than Cali with these clothes, Cali only has money.
  • Jae is playing guitar in his room, but Grandmother Belca goes into it and tells him to go learn the family business like his brothers, he's the oldest so he should seem responsible, he shrugs it off and tells her that he doesn't want to be the oldest. His grandmother hits him.
  • Yadon goes into the house and starts drinking alcohol, Grandmother Belca goes into his room and yells at him for letting Jae do whatever, asking why does he give Joseph all the business training, he's not even really his son. Yadon gets all frustrated and tells her that they are both his sons. She tells him that he treats Joseph better than Jae, Joseph overhears it all and goes outside to the car. Yadon gets tired of Helena's nagging so he decides to visit the marketplaces, he goes out and has Joseph drive him. Yadon sees that Joseph looks sad and he jokes with him, asking if he heard what grandmother said, Joseph smiles back and just says that he'll work hard, just don't nag jae too much.
  • Reyfon is leaving for the airport, but is stopped by Boisvert, he asks him if he's afraid of heights, he says no.
  • House Audrey and House Falcia are having a party on a giant airship, Reyfon is on the deck. Inside, a servant accidentally spills some wine on Blaise's shirt, Camile yells at the servant, but his father tells him it's okay, Camile calls Reyfon inside. Clain greets her mother and Cali/Clover call her to check the upperdeck, she agrees and follows them.
  • Renault goes over to Clain, he remarks how she's more lovely than the photos, she notices how he's nervous and she realizes that she is too and they both laugh.
  • Reyfon is called inside to wash the president's outershirt, he goes down into the sink area. Upstairs, Cali and Clover sneak away, Cypien goes up and tries to start a conversation with Clain, but she ignores him and heads down. Reyfon, while washing the shirt is looking in the mirror, questioning if this is his worth, he finishes and goes outside to let the shirt dry. He accidentally bumps into a woman and she apologizes, he looks up and he recognizes her as Clain.
  • Jae goes into the shop and sees that Joseph is working, Joseph realizing what's up goes into the back for a moment, Jae steals a box of supplies and heads out, Joseph comes back and shakes his head.
  • Flashback - Clain asks Reyfon if people of different social classes can be together, he tells her that he doesn't know about other countries but in theirs, dating can work, but never marriage. A person's feelings only last 18 months, afterwords they realize what kind of mistake they've made, he asks her why she's asking all of this as it has nothing to do with them.
  • Raquel is at the beauty parlor with Cypein's mother, the two talk about her daughters. Cali takes this chance to go around town.
  • Reyfon begins to ask Clain why she's here but is interrupted by an announcement from the deck, it is broadcast across the nation, Renault Von Casper and Clair Audrey stand by each other as they are engaged in-front of the whole world.
  • Jae is playing a song inside a club, his singing is horrible, the a new cook asks why they let him play if he only makes a small amount of money, the other cooks remark how he basically pays them to allow him to play.
  • Cali is taking pictures around the town, Cali accidentally breaks something and she forgot to carry any money so cannot pay for it, the residents talk about selling her off to slavery to pay for the goods and she yells out for help, a stranger wearing work clothes steps in and grabs her hand.
  • Reyfon and Clain are sitting talking to each other, he asks if she's an upper class girl, she jokingly remarks that he must wish she was, He tells her not to lie to him, she tells him that she's friends with the Audrey Sisters and that they invited her and she felt so guilty going without him, she begins to cry and tells him it's so hard for her right now, Reyfon tells her he's sorry and tries to hold her, but she nudges him off, so he says sorry again and tries to hold her, she allows him to and her crying face changes to a smiling one when he can't see her face.
  • That night, Camile sees Eliane outside, he goes out and asks her how it felt not seeing him for so many years, she says she doesn't know what he's talking about.
  • The stranger leads Cali to a park and she asks if he can take her home, she's cold, he takes off his coat and gives it to her, she asks him what for and he asks didn't she say she was cold?
  • Renault sits uneasily at the table and is surprised when he sees Clair enter, she asks if he's still as nervous as this morning, Renault regains his composure and joking tells her he doesn't know what she means.
  • Waite and Jae come home with a huge load of fireworks, they begin to set them up, Waite tries to do something with one of them and Jae tells him to let the expert do it, Waite sarcastically remarks how can one be an expert with fireworks.
  • Blaise is eating dinner with Raquel and Judith, he looks outside and the night sky begins to light up.
  • Cali and the stranger watch as the sky lights up, she realizes it's the new year celebration and takes a snap shot of him with the fireworks in the background, he smiles at her and as she enjoys the fireworks, he walks away, she yells out to him in the crowd telling him her name is Cali, he turns back to smile and keeps walking away. Cali digs into his pocket and sees a fight match entrance ticket dated today, with the name Reitz on it.
  • Clair comments to Renault that the fireworks are beautiful, he accidentally spills some wine on himself and Clair goes to help him, he inadvertently kisses her.
  • As Eliane watches the fireworks, Camile comes up from behind and holds her, she tries to break free but he kisses her.
  • Joseph holds a picture of Eliane up and smiles, looking up to the see lighted night sky.
  • Yadon cheers to a picture of Tiene and wishes her a new year.
  • Judith leaves the room as Blaise and Raquel enjoy the fireworks, she wonders where her husband is.
  • June and Roberta celebrate the new year, June invites Lamerat inside and the three toast.
  • Reyfon and Clain hold each other and kiss, Clain backs off during the first kiss and yells at Reyfon to put more passion into it, he is surprised and isn't sure what to do.

Chapter 3: I don’t believe this simple truth

  • Cali is trying to sleep but she keeps thinking about Reitz, she grabs his jacket and tries to throw it away, but goes back to it.
  • Reitz is walking down a street, he sees ads for the arena tournament and takes a look before moving on.
  • Belice is cleaning the house, she notices that June hasn't made a sound, she discovers June eating in Cali's room, she hits her and tells her to clean up.
  • The Audrey's return home, June goes to greet Cali and asks for a souvenir, Cali tells her she didn't buy anything.
  • Reyfon is returning home, he calls Clain and Clain tells her she isn't quite home yet, Lamerat passes by and smiles. Clain questions him after Reyfon hangs up and he says he's just wondering if they were on vacation or not. She tells him he has to promise never to tell her mother.
  • Judith is putting away her clothes, Eliane comes in with Camile's clothes and Judith tells her to leave them there. Raquel comes in and asks Judith if she likes the room, Judith says she does and Raquel tells her Eliane designed the interior. Eliane says she did it because Camile's favorite color was turquoise. Eliane leaves the room as Raquel begins to talk about her a grandchild.
  • June is helping Cali unpack, Cali scolds June for being in her room because she notices some of her things out of order, June picks up Reitz' jacket and Cali tells her to put it down.
  • Clair helps Belice prepare food and she glamors at the ring Renault gave her.
  • Reyfon is eating food, Jae is practicing his guitar, Waite asks him why Reyfon is eating all happily if he's just been dumped, he asks for a birthday present, but Reyfon doesn't say anything. So he gets mad and goes ot his room, Reyfon gets up and visits Waite, he tells him that his present was quite expensive and hands him a pocket knife.
  • Grandmother Belca visits and the boys ask where Yadon is, she says that she had him pick her up at the doctors, they look at each other confused.
  • Yadon is in the waiting room at the hospital and notices that his mother is taking her sweet time, a strange older woman sits next to him and introduces herself, he realizes that he's been set up.
  • Grandmother Belca is preparing food, she remarks to Jae and Reyfon that this time their father has a nice woman that's interested, maybe he can get married again. Reyfon tells her she shouldn't force the issue, Jae jokes of how he's too busy with work than to deal with women, Waite enters and tells them all that he's going to the library to study, Grandmother Belca scolds Jae and Reyfon for not support their father, she asks if they really want to see their father alone for the rest of his life.
  • Yadon is eating with the woman his mother set him up with, he tells her that he's sorry but he's not interested in getting married again. She tries to feed him, but he politely declines, she asks him to serve her some alcohol, but he tells her it's against his ethnics to serve alcohol to women and leaves, she chases after him.
  • Eliane is entering her apartment but Camile is standing outside her door and asks her when she moved in, she asks him how he found out where she lived but he smiles it off. He stops her from entering her apartment room, she tells him to stop, she doesn't want to make anymore mistakes, he coerces her to let him inside. He starts to help her unpack, but she stops him, he goes on and comments about the place, she tells him that now that he's seen the place he can leave and never come back. He decides to give in and leaves.
  • Reitz is at a training center, Worrel hits him for skipping out on the match, he asks him how could he waste such an opportunity, Worrel calls him ungrateful and decides to kick Reitz out and tells him to pack his bags and leave. Reitz kneels down to show his sincerity, everyone leaves, and he remembers Cali and smiles.
  • Yadon drinks some whiskey as he tells his mother never to step foot in the house again, she tells him if he keeps it up, he'll probably hit her, he asks her angrily why she needs to complicate things. She tells him he needs to learn to let go, the past won't come back no matter how much he wishes it. He tells her he's content with his life, she tells him to just die a single man then and leaves the room. Yadon looks at a picture of Tiene and asks her if he's really been wrong to hold onto her all these years. Tears stream down his face and he asks her to visit him in his dreams at least, so life doesn't seem so lonely, he drinks another glass of whiskey.
  • Grandmother Belca visits Waites room to grab an extra futon, he tells her that his father knows only to love one woman, she tells him to learn to cook, because from tomorrow on, she's going to be gone, he tries to console her telling her not to be that way.
  • Camile returns home, Judith asks him if he likes the room, she mentions that Eliane is quite talented, she must have been born with it. Camile changes the subject by telling Judith he hasn't eaten yet, so she goes to prepare dinner for him.
  • Reyfon is putting away his clothes, in his mind he's rethinking the meeting with Clain during the vacatio nand wonders if there's something she's not telling him. He recieves a call from Clain, she tells him she just arrived at the airport, but in reality she's sitting at home. Belice comes in to put away some freshly cleaned clothes, Clain tells her not to make a noise. Reyfon wonders in his mind if she really is at the airport.
  • Belice tells Clain that she is really brave. If Rquel ever found out, Belice and Lamerat would be murdered on the spot, she tells Clain to end it with Reyfon, Clain tells her she'll take care of it.
  • Camile is sleeping, Judith tries to get intimate with him, but he tells her he's too tired and just goes back to sleep.
  • Joseph is opening the store, Reitz visits him and Joseph wonders where he's been all this time, but he notices that Reitz doesn't have a jacket, Reitz asks him for a favor.
  • The Belca's are enjoying breakfast, Joseph comes in and they wonder why he's back so soon, he brings in Reitz and asks if his friend can come in, they agree and invite him in. Grandmother Belca gets him some food and nudges him to eat, he is reluctant at first but soon finds himself eating hastily, as if he'd been starving.
  • Reyfon is preparing for work, Grandmother Belca goes in and asks the boys for an extra jacket, Waite decides to give Reitz one of his, they come outside to see Reitz eating alot and sit beside him, telling him to eat slowly, Reyfon leaves for work.
  • Reyfon arrives at the factory and sees that a new procedure has been put into effect, he remembers that Clain was talking about getting it approved weeks earlier.
  • One of Reyfon's co-workers, Clover Allendale, works with human resources, he goes to ask her about Clain Sprinfield's records. Clover at first jokingly asks if the two are dating, but he says he just wants to know something. She tells him, she'll do it this once, but he needs to treat her to coffee, he agrees. As she searches through the files, she realizes that a file for Clain Springfield doesn't exist and remarks how it seems like it was intentionally taken out. Reyfon thanks her and leaves.
  • Reyfon is walking through the break area, Clain grabs him aside, but he nudges her arm off. She notices somethings wrong and he pulls her aside into one of the separate rooms. She asks him what's the matter? He tells her he thinks it's strange, she's clearly not a regular inspector. She comments that he must be talking about her proposal, and she tells him that they were measures that were going to be implemented anyways. He responds by saying those proposals have been in limbo for many years now, but she managed to get them passed. He wants to know how she did it, but she tells him it was all timing. She asks if he's still suspecting she's related to House Audrey and he says yes.
  • As the two are talking Camile walks by with Boisvert, he stops and asks Boisvert who the man with Clain is, Boisvert tells him it's a low level team leader form the manufacturing division. Camile goes and asks the two what they are doing, Clain responds like a normal employee and asks for some of Camile's time. Camile goes off and Clain follows, Boisvert keeps watch in the hall, Reyfon returns back to his area. Camile asks Clain if they are dating and she tells him yes, he asks if she knows Reyfon's background? She asks him to help her out, he tells her she's gone mad and to end it and nothing beyond dating, he won't tell their parents if she promises to end it. He walks off before hearing her answer. Clain lays down depressed, Blaise walks out and sees her. He asks if she's happy the proposal got passed, she tells him yes and hugs her father before he leaves.
  • Cali is practicing violin, but she stops, while thinking of Reitz and asks out loud, Reitz, who are you?
  • Raquel is enjoying some time with other noblewomen, Judith enters the room and tells her that House Falcia really likes Clain, Raquel is thrilled.
  • At the store, Yadon is talking to Joseph about missing supplies and money that is unaccounted for. Jae tries to sneak in, but sees his father so he hides. Joseph tells Yadon that he spent some money to buy some food for Reitz. Yadon congratulates Joseph for thinking of his friends and goes to collect money from his other storefronts. Jae comes out from hiding and thanks Joseph for his hard work, he wants to take another box of supplies. Joseph tells him that he can't keep this up.
  • June is wearing Reitz jacket and she wakes Cali up. Cali gets angry when she sees Cali wearing it, Cali realizes there is a picture of Reitz on her camera, so she flips through the pictures on it. She finds a picture of Reitz and smiles.
  • Worrel sees Reitz working hard cleaning the area, he throws Reitz a training sword and tells him to spar.
  • Cali takes out the fight match ticket she found in the jacket and looks at it.
  • Blaise, Raquel, Clair, and Judith are having dinner, Cali goes in. Blaise asks if Clain is still at work, Raquel tells him not to spoil her so much. Clair tells Belice she can take the night off earlier, Belice bids her goodbyes and leaves.
  • Clain is sitting at her desk, Reyfon comes in with his coat on, she asks him what's up, he tells her that he's going to visit her mother today and properly propose, whether Clain is coming or not. She tries to make an excuse, but he begins repeating excuses she's used in the past, he grabs her coat and heads out.
  • Outside an apartment complex, Clain tries to stop him once more, telling him her mother doesn't have anything prepared if they visit so suddenly. He tells her, if she doesn't introduce him today, she's disregarding him, she asks him, when has she done that and they head up. He knocks on the door of the room Clain specifies and Belice opens up, she wonders why Clain is there. Clain calls her mother and tells Belice this is her boyfriend. Clain winks at Belice as Reyfon introduces himself.

Chapter 4: Let us always be about love

  • Belice asks Reyfon who he said he was and he reintroduces himself as a coworker of Clains. Reyfon tells her that he came to formally get her blessing for his proposed engagement with Clain, he was also wondering if the three of them could eat dinner together, Belice invites them in but gives Clain a confusing facial expression, Clain responds with her own facial expression nudging her to go along with it. Reyfon goes use the restroom to ease his nervousness, Belice asks Clain if that is the man and Clain responds by asking her if he's good looking, Belice tells Clain that's not the issue, she's going to die of nervousness if Clain keeps doing things like this. Clain begs Belice to keep up the charade as a favor.
  • Eliane is returning home, but she notices her electronic lock is unlocked, she goes inside to find Camile sorting her things out for her. She asks him what's he doing here, but he changes the subject by telling her he prepared some food. She goes to check the food as Camile picks up a photograph, it's of a little child, and he asks her who's kid it is, she doesn't say but goes to set the table.
  • Belice is cutting some pastries for Clain and Reyfon, Reyfon akss to see Clain's room, but she tells him she moved out so the room is a mess. He asks to see an album but Belice enters the room with the pastries, she apologizes for not having much, he understands as it is rather late. Reyfon asks her about her hometown, but her answers conflict with what Clain has told him. Clain responds by telling him that because of her mother's age her memory is kind of jumbled, Belice realizing she spoke too hastily agrees with Clain.
  • Judith tells Raquel that Cypien wishes to arrange a date with Clain tomorrow night. Raquel asks her if she accepted for Clain to go and Judith tells her yes, the both are quite excited that Cypien has shown such an interest in Clain. Raquel asks Judith about Camile, Judith tells her that he's been getting home late because of work. Raquel jokingly suggests that maybe he gets home late because he's cheating, she changes the subject by telling Judith that she might have a charm for her to bring about a child.
  • Camile is eating at Eliane's place, she asks him why he's here, he doesn't respond to that and merely keeps talking about how delicious the food is. Camile asks her how has her life been since she cut off communications with him, he asks if she has a boyfriend and she tells him yes. Eliane tells him to leave after he finishes eating and never come back. Camile tells her that her old school friend, Joseph, likes her, she looks away. Camile gets up and tells her he's leaving, that he'll be stopping by frequently, she asks him with who's permission, and he tells her his. He also mentions that it's a dumb idea for her to change the lock.
  • Reyfon and Clain bid Belice a goodnight, Reyfon tells her that he'll try to stop by often, as they close the door, Belice breathes a deep sigh of relief.
  • Outside Clain holds Reyfon's arm as they are walking and she asks him if he's feeling better after visiting her mother? He lets go of her arm and tells her she should go inside, she insists on going with him but he tells her its okay. She begins to head back inside, but he turns around and asks her how far she's willing to go, if it's enough, he'll give her time, so when she's ready, she should tell him who she really is, he doesn't like liars.
  • Yadon is organizing the incoming supplies, Grandmother Belca visits him, she needs to talk with him, but first he needs to go inside and check something.
  • Jae is stealing another box of supplies from his father's store, as he's walking out he encounters his father and grandmother Belca. Yadon spots him and chases after him, Jae drops the supplies and keeps running. Joseph sighs at him and remarks to himself that Jae's tail had gotten too long.
  • Clain is leaving her house for work, Raquel chases after her and hands her a dress, she tells Clain to doll herself up after work and go eat dinner with Cypien. Clain tells her she won't go to a marriage meeting. Raquael kicks her in the ankle and hands Lamerat; Clain's clothes for the evening.
  • As they are driving away Lamerat chuckles, Clain asks him what's so funny? He tells her that Clain must be busy these days, Clain asks him what makes him say that? He tlels her htat she has two mothers, a boyfriend, and an arranged marriage meeting.
  • Blaise is trying on new ties, Raquel comments on how the other noble houses are jealous of their family. She asks Blaise to stop Clain from working, because it will damage her face. Blaie tells her it's nonsense and if Clain likes working, he won't stop her.
  • June is spying on Cali, she sees that Cali is wearing Reitz' jacket and she comments to herself how Cali must like the owner of the jacket.
  • Raquel goes upstairs and sees June spying into Cali's room, she pulls June's earlobe and Cali notices that she was being watched. Raquel goes inside Cali's room and sees Cali wearing a jacket, she asks her what she's doing with beggar's clothers? Cali takes it off and Raquel tosses it, telling June to throw it away. Cali reaches her hand out to grab it back, but June puts it on and tells Raquel that it's hers. Raquel asks June how can a girl wear such trashy clothes, June tells her that it's the style right now. Raquel tells her to stop fooling around and to go clean downstairs.
  • June is messing with the jacket and she remarks to herself that it's definitely a boy's jacket, she can tell by the smell.
  • Raquel is speaking to Cali, she asks Cali why she is pouting and Cali tells her that she's not. Raquel thinks it's because Clain is soon to be engaged with Cypien and Cali is jealous, Raquel reassures her by telling her she'll find someone better for Cali. Cali gets angry and leaves the room.
  • Reitz is eating some convenience food, Worrel hands him a drink and tells him it's for tomorrow's champion.
  • One of Clover's assistants talks to Clain, she is here on behalf of Clover to find out why Clain's registration documents were missing. Clain tells her it's probably because she moved and that she'll resubmit it. Reyfon walks by and Clain greets him, but he ignores it and moves on, she goes after him, but bumps into Boisvert, who greets her with a formal good morning. Reyfon turns back and just snickers, Clain goes up to him and keeps trying to talk with him, but he doesn't respond back. She raises her voice slightly to get his attention and he looks at her telling her that until he knows the truth, he's not her boyfriend. She throws her shoe at him.
  • Eliane is setting up decorations for the upcoming lunar solstice, Camile stares at her from a distance and goes in to greet her. She tells him that Raquel isn't here, he asks her out to lunch, but Judith comes in. Judith asks him what he was talking about and he just mentions that a business associate from Cameo is leaving and he wanted woman to help pick a going away present for the businessman's wife. Judith tells her she'll pick it, he comments on how she looks stunning today, Eliane walks out with feelings of regret.
  • Clain goes into the women's restroom and goes into one of the stalls, she's feeling frustrated and mumbles to herself. Should she just blow her cover? well it's a bomb that's going to explode sooner or later. As she says that, Reyfon's voice asks what bomb is going to explode, she goes to lock the stall door, but he enters, locking the door behind him. She asks him if he's crazy and he retorts by asking is she really Clain Springfield? is she sure that's not a fake name? She tells him to get out and he heads out, but other girls enter the restroom, so he heads back in. He hands her back her shoe and she tries to put it on in the cramped space, almost tripping, but he catches her. She realizes that by doing that he sitll has tender feelings for her, so she grabs his arm, he tries to resist pointing to the sound of other women and using finger expressions to tell her to be quiet. She smacks him on the cheek and when he's about to say something back, she uses the finger expressions to tell him to be quiet.
  • Yadon breaks Jae's guitar as Jae, Waite, and Grandmother Belca watch. Yadon angrily tells Jae that he can be a singer, artist, or whatever, but if he ever is caught stealing again, he's gettng kicked out of the house. Waite tells his father to calm down, but Yadon continues by saying that Jae takes so much merchandise but only performs for less than a fourth of it's value in income. He tells Jae that he's a fool, he is to give up his dreams, and learn the family business, maybe he can be half of what Joseph is. Jae grabs the broken guitar and heads out, he remarks to his father that he probably wishes that he was in an accident so Joseph will be the official oldest child, he apologizes for being a worthless son and starts to talk suicide. Waite asks Jae if he's crazy? to be talking like that to father. Yadon hits Jae, yelling at him where he learned to contemplate suicide? Grandmother Belca and Waite stop him, Jae goes into his room and Yadon sits on the couch.
  • Still in the restroom, Reyfon asks Clain what's the reason that a girl from such a mighty family would fool around with someone like him? Was it for fun? was it to make a fool of him? She tells him that's not it. But he asks was she so unsatisfied with her high end lifestyle that she needed a taste of other-side of things? She simple tells him that she loves him, that she really loves him. He begins to tear and tells her that she's not supposed to do that and leaves.
  • Judtih is picking out jewelry for Camile's business associate's wife, Eliane is there to help her. Judith asks Eliane why she doesn't get married? She's heard of Eliane's childhood friend.
  • Cali is practicing violin
  • Reitz takes some flyers for Worrel's dojo
  • One of Cali's friends invite her out to eat, they pass by Reitz putting up flyers. As Cali's friend goes inside, Cali sees Reitz running, she ditches her friend to go after him. As he's hanging up flyers, she calls out his name, he turns around and recognizes her, She smiles and tells him that she's glad they met again.
  • Cali and Reitz go around town putting up the flyers together.
  • Raquel is waiting for Clain to show up, but she's late, she begins to mutter to herself that Clain better not disappoint her.
  • Lamerat is driving Clain, she hands him an address and tells him to go there instead of the dinner place. She remarks how no matter how hard she thinks about it, she can't lose Reyfon.
  • Raquel tries to call Clain, but Clain doesn't pick up, she yells out in anger that Clain is such a brat.
  • Waite is trying to cheer up Jae, but Jae just says that he's trash. Waite tells him that's not true, grandmother Belca enters and tells him to get up. Jae begins to cry, but is stopped by the sound of the bell ringing. All three rush out, to be greeted by a pretty girl, Jae recognizes her as Clain, one of his brother's coworkers.
  • Camile is in a meeting with important members of House Audrey, he proposes a plan to force re-industrialization on rural areas. His father, Blaise, interrupts by vetoing his sons plan, he tells him that he must think of all the citizens when doing things, what's important is not the end, but the means. Camile is to redo the entire plan from the beginning and make a public apology, Camile apologizes.
  • Reyfon is leaving work and he bumps into Camile, he asks Camile if he can ask him a question not as coworkers, but as friends. Camile agrees and Reyfon asks about his sisters, Camile tells Reyfon that he thinks Reyfon already knows everything.
  • Clain is having dinner with Grandmother Belca, Helena is very impressed at Clain's manners.
  • Reyfon is drinking some alcohol by himself, he remembers what Camile told him earlier.
  • Flashback, Camile tells Reyfon that if he already knows Clain is his sister, then it is easier for him to break it off. Reyfon doesn't like the way he's speaking. Camile taunts him by asking does he really think he can handle Clain? Reyfon tells him that they've been dating for awhile now. Camile tells him it doesn't matter, he tells hi mas a friend, if he doesn't want to be known as a gold-digger, he should break it off.
  • Yadon spots Reyfon drinking and goes inside to drink with him.
  • Eliane comes home to find Camile laying down on her couch, it surprises her at first, she tells him to get out. He asks if that's all she has to say? and remarks that some people can't even be with the people they love, there are more people like that than she thinks. Camile tells her that he can't divorce Judtih, she tells him she never told him to, he tells her to listen, to listen but not say anything. He's buy her things, come visit her often, and have meals wit her, this is how they will live. She tells him she doesn't want to, he asks her why she came back then? Isn't it because she missed him? She tells him he's full of himself, but he tells her that he was ready to forget about her, but she had to reappear in his life. He begins to get emotional and asks her why she had to be born the way she was, why she couldn't be from a higher household, why was she born so that he couldn't tell his parents she was the one? why? Why! She silent looks at him, with tear filled eyes, he calms down and tells her that he's a greedy man, he won't give up everything, and leaves.
  • Yadon is drinking with Reyfon, he tells Reyfon that he broke Jae's guitar, he was too hard on Jae, so he'll give Reyfon money to buy Jae a new guitar. Reyfon asks why his father did that, things weren't going well. Yadon tells him a man should have the courage to give in when things don't work out, he sees that Reyfon is more stressed and asks him what's wrong, Reyfon tells him it's nothing, Yadon tells him if it's too hard on him, he should quit work, his father will feed him. Yadon begins to speak about Tienne, he ask why did she have to leave him so early in life? he never got to buy her the nice things she wanted, if she had only waited a bit more, she had just lived a bit longer, things would've been fine, but she left and put a stake in his heart.
  • Reyfon and Yadon are heading home drunk, Yadon tells him that there's no more hope for him, but his son needs to go and get married. As they enter the residence, they hear Grandmother laughing with another girl.
  • Inside Waite greets Reyfon and he wonders why everyone is in a good mood. Clain appears and introduces herself as Reyfon's girlfriend, Yadon is surprised and smiles, but Reyfon tells her to get out.

Chapter 5: Pride in who you are




  • Astellion - is a name/title given to Arena Champions, they can keep the last name until death.


  • Referenced to Little Women manghwa, Final Fantasy XIII, Cinderella, Audrey Hepburn, Epik High, Kanon, ClubSoul, Lee Seung Gi,
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