Pencil Draft of Fifth Swell

The fifth swell, also known as "The Aurora," is the fifth layer of the sky or swell that contains the Estellion Sky Empire and various other sky islands and nations. It is the central location for the Era of the Admirals and exists between 270 and 420 km above ground level.

Sky Sectors

Also known as the Five Auroras. Each Aurora is comprised of Sky Continents.

Norther Aurora

Eastern Aurora

Central Aurora

Western Aurora

Southern Aurora

Sky Islands

Further information: List of Sky Islands


Our World: Western Hemisphere-North America-Country(USA)-Midwest-State(Missouri)-County(Saint Louis County)-City/town (St. Louis)

Swells: Sky Sector (Central Aurora) Empires (Estellion)-Sky Continent (Northern Ring)- Sky Region (North Arc)-Sky Island System (Dragon's Peak's System)-Sky Island(Dragon's Peak itself)

Any further divisions are different from island to island.

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