Main Plotline

A war that started when Tloke was released with his army. Marshal Dorleone, pursuing the Sabbatholm troops after their rout at the Battle of Sorrow's Refuge, took shelter from a storm in a cave. He broke a seal, and released Tloke and his army. Tloke killed all the soldiers in the cave and then the soldiers of Sabbatholm. Turning his attention to the Arcadian Army, he fought them in Carnelia, beating them to Arcadia's borders.

There, he laid bait for the son of Grand Marshall Glare, Harod Glare. Harod and three companions (and their troops) took the bait and captured a city the Faceless had seemingly abandoned. Harod was captured and killed in front of his father, breaking his heart. The Faceless defeated the demoralized Arcadians, driving them into their city/country. There, the Faceless were struck by many hit and run attacks, whittling their forces down.

Finally, at Arcadia city, Tloke was defeated by a combined army of Windbloom, Altean, Carnelian and Sky-Pirate forces. They overwhelmed the Faceless Army through sheer numbers. Tloke and his second in command, Grake escaped south, and were never found. The battered Arcadians and their allies took back the city/country from the Faceless block by block until the country was liberated entirely, ending the First Faceless War.

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  • It is often called just "The Faceless War" because it was the First Faceless War.