Grake was Tloke's second in command through out much of the Faceless War. He was unique among Faceless Ones as his bottom tentacles were slashed by a skilled swordsman, who has since died horribly. He has a strange 'gnash' to his speech because of the absence of those tentacles. He is an able second and is surprisingly loyal to Tloke and does not actively seek his downfall. Though this is because Tloke is better at long term strategy than he is.

Name: Grake
Sex: Male
Species: Faceless One
Title: Tloke's Blade
Affiliation: Tloke

Early Life

First Faceless War

During the events involving Harod Glare, Grand Marshall Glare's son, he killed several soldiers and leaders, including fighting the Gem Harness user Beatrix and leaving her for dead, taking her harness. Lothar attempted to retrieve the item but was killed in a one on one fight. He met Jerome Tray, confirming his fears that Harod Glare did lead them into a trap and they were all going to die. Grake led Jerome to believe that if he worked for them that he would save Jerome from death.

Returning to Tloke, he deposited the Harness and searched for Harod, finding him over Jerome's dead body. He captured the weakened Harod and took him to Tloke. He found Tloke at the mercy of the Explorer's League agents who were trying to prevent the Harness technology from being taken. He killed the female and wounded the male, who retreated before he could be finished off.

At Harod's execution he stood by, organizing the War Leaders of the Faceless to attack as soon as the execution had sunk in. He fought a desperate Beatrix, who had survived the attack on her life, and was trying to save her boyfriend. He was blocked from defending Tloke by an angered charged of Arcadian troops. He disappeared after the final battle. Because of his loyalty to Tloke, it is likely he is serving under him in Narthus