Greasers are bikers (or other means of transport) who have greased hair, leading to their name. They prowl throughout Arcadia's extensive transport system, looking for 'Home', the place where they will end their days. They also travel in groups of a hundred or more, depending on their leader.

Their 'Leader' is the King of Greasers, who has the distinction of being the most powerful around. They are tolerated, even pandered to, sometimes, by the Arcadian Military, who sometimes hire them as mercenaries or scouts. They are the sworn enemies of the Punks. Single female greasers are known as Molls, but not if they are in a relationship, at any stage, then they are called Dolls. Molls are free game, they can date anyone, and anyone can attempt to date them. Dolls, however, have a special place and are quite off limits to all but the most daring Greasers. If a Doll is found to be in the arms of an amorous not-boyfriend, the boyfriend is allowed a free punch, if the Doll chooses the boyfriend over her new friend.

One can find Greasers everywhere in Arcadia that is near to a road. Many companies hire Greasers to protect their convoys, and in places like Arini, they form the Greaser Package System. While most are roamers, a certain number of them focus their roaming to certain areas, like Arini and Arcadia City. There is a little classism in place depending on the area, depending on the birth of the King of Greasers.

During the Era of the Admirals, they fought the ECHO hired Punks with renewed vigor. The Punks have been very aggressive of late, and have adopted a 'maim' policy. It is now common to see Greasers with lost limbs and massive scars. The King of Greasers, Andrew Dwade, is not even able to protect his Doll. She was scarred by Erebus Waldron, considered the most powerful Punk currently alive.



  • West side story and Erfworld.