Harod Glare is the son of Grand Marshall Glare, leader of the Arcadian Military. He was headstrong and courageous, but very, very rash. He and several companions including Beatrix, his girlfriend, Lothar and Jerome Tray took a city that had been abandoned by the Faceless ones. This was a trap intended to catch Harod. Tloke and Grake eventually destroyed his troops and killed Lothar, and left Beatrix for dead. Jerome, who had been turned evil by Grake, fought Harod on the second day of the Faceless force's attack, but was killed.

Harod Glare
Name: Harod glare
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Arcadia

He was captured by Tloke and was executed in front of his father. This broke his father's heart, and caused the Faceless One victory on that day. The body was never recovered.