The Master-at-Arms of the air ship Steadfast, serving under Ronan Longer. A powerful warrior who wields a mace and never talks. His nick-name is 'Silent'. He has few ambitions beyond killing pirates, and he is very good at that.

Horan Hayes
Name: Horan Hayes
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Arcadia

During the Treasure Hunters incident, he was sent by Ronan Longer to cut off pirate retreat from the top levels into the basement. There, he eventually ran into Langston Koll, they fought but Langston got away from him before he could finish the fight. He attempted to pursue, but was thwarted by blocks Koll set up to stop him. Eventually, he meets the Treasure Hunters. He fought the Cleaning Robot when it inserted itself into the prototype robot soldier, but was cheated of his kill by Koll.

Pursuing Koll, his men and the Treasure Hunters fight him once more, but he escapes with a captive, the Treasure Hunter medic. Koll flees down into the secret factory with her and seeks to prevent them from killing her. Horan cleans up the remaining pirates and saves the medic. Langston falls into the newly activated arc welders and is killed before Horan can pull him out of it.

At the end of incident, he received a medal, like his captain and Kell Johnson, for bravery in the line of duty. He, however, did not keep his medal, as he felt it was not earned properly. He later died fighting a member of the Delor family under another captain.