The noble house of the Estellion Empire's Rulers, it was once the head noble house of the Kingdom of Ashlan and later the Ashlan Empire. All of it's current members are female, but in Ashlan times there were male members.


Original the ruler was just called Regis or Regina, but when Midworld was torn and the sky islands created, the title was slowly forgotten and replaced with The Apex. Mihli Lilty introduced the title Nadir into the royal house in Imperial Year 9999.

List of Rulers

Kingdom of Ashlan

Ashlan Empire

Eastern Ashlan Empire (Year 2671 - )

Western Ashlan Empire (Year 2671 - )

New Ashlan Empire

Estellion Sky Empire (Year 4578 - )

Family Line

Estellion Sky Empire

name ref. Migawari Hakushaku no Bouken


  • Oreille name ref. darker than black: season 2
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