"Humans are the most numerous species on earth, and all major countries are human dominated, but that does not mean they are the most individually powerful, just numerous."

Humans are among the most numerous of species. They often war among themselves in great conflicts that have ruined large areas of land. Slightly xenophobic, most humans do not trust other species at first sight. There is no end to human ingenuity, courage or curiosity, often earning a confused 'WHY?' from other, more sedate, sentients. Humans are particularly friendly with goblins.

Height wise, the average male is 6 feet, with the average female some 5 feet 10 inches. Strength-wise the average human will not lift more than a hundred pounds in weight. Eye colors are normally: Blue, green, gray, brown. Other colors are signs of a specific heritage or prophecy. Hair color is naturally: blonde, brown, black, red, gray (sign of old age), white (old age, or human suffered an extreme shock) and bald. Other colors are are generally considered unnatural, but not too unusual. Skin color varies between black, brown, tan and white.

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