Part of the area known as the uncharted lands.

Population: 2.8 Billion
Government: Oligarchy (3 Ruling Noble Houses)
Noble Houses:
Location Uncharted Lands


A desert kingdom, most of the land is sand, with lush grasslands to the south. It is considered a good place to test Airships. The people have a very long history, some of which is only remembered through ruins.


Jaedinar was once ruled by four Noble Houses: House Audrey, House Briscolletti, House Falcia, and House Ashera, but because of House Ashera's betrayal and the breaking off of the Western Frontier. House Ashera was branded a fallen house, it's members slowly disappeared throughout the course of history.

It's people, according to the ruins, have lived in this land for thousands and thousands of years. Their empire is once thought to extend far north into the island [[]] and east into Sabbatholm and west into the now separated Swiftwind. It also had bases in the Neutral Lands, and what is now Carnelia. This is thought to be in direct opposition to the old Arcadian Empire, and there is evidence that the two fought each other, and other parties, quite often.

After its mysterious destruction, the empire never returned to it's former structure. Recently, the nation has been eclipsed by other such countries as Cameo in terms of size and military might. The modern nation, though, makes little claim, in fact, most of its forces are mercenary. It is also one of the most diverse of all militaries. It tries to stay out of the international wars as much as possible, though they did send seven fleets into the Estellion Sky Empire.

People and Culture

The people are dark and proud. They do not take kindly to the interference of other nations or species. They are quite xenophobic, and the Slave Trade is an accepted practice. There are reports that the military even protects slave routes through the desert. Also, all non-humans (except Valkyries, but they are rare in Jaedinar) are heavily discriminated against; the Utan feel it especially hard because of their non-aggressive nature.


Mostly deserts and ruins, most of the cities are underground, though the bigger ones and ones housing the upper class are usually in domes or floating. This land depends on trade with its neighbors to survive. This is pleasantly shook up by southern grasslands that harbor many sorts of grazing animals. It's southern areas also hold it's factories. Mining is relegate to the western mountains, north, above the desert.

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  • inspired by the Middle East

Regions in Jaedinar
Ebirah - Florence - Tunisia - Articose - Vanille - Emesa - Gabzedon