Jerome Tray
Name: Jerome Tray
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Arcadia/Himself

Born of commoner parents, he fought his way up the ranks to 'Captain'. He was known for his hot-bloodedness and ambitions. He participated with Harod Glare in the raid on the Faceless One city that was abandoned. He realized soon after entrenchment that it was a trap but was unable to pull his troops out in time. As such, he started to be irrational and hotheaded. Eventually Grake confronted him and revealed that Harod had been working with them to capture the Gem Harness from Beatrix and weaken the Grand Marshall Glare's spirit by working with the Faceless Ones.

He attacks Grake who easily escapes. He then seeks out Harod and confronts him. Harod reveals that he is just as surprised that they were led into a trap. Jerome refuses to listen and attacks him. Harod eventually defeats him and kills him. His body was found and buried by the surviving members of his troop. They did not survive long after.