Kell Johnson
Name: Kell Johnson
Sex: Female
Species: Human
Affiliation: Arcadia


An Air Marine of the highest caliber, she has spent the majority of her middle-aged life in the service of Arcadia. She was born a Greaser (nomads in Arcadia), and married one as well. However, in a savage battle involving their rivals, the Punks and some Arcadian tanks, many of her group were killed, as well as her husband. The Arcadian tank commander, himself a former Greaser, helped her back to health. She joined the Arcadian Military, but she couldn't bear being on the ground so she went to the air.

She found her station under the somewhat apathetic Ronan Longer. She strove to be the finest Air-Marine she could be, even under Ronan's loose ship. Eventually she became his second in command, and a very respected fighter. After patrolling along Arcadia Forest, their communications engineer received a message that some Treasure Hunters had found a facility that had technology in it. She set a course for the building, rousing the troops.

When they had discovered the pirates, she led the first wave of Air Marines against the pirates in the building. Then, after fighting with Trevalayn, she was called away to oversee the rebuild of the communications array that had been destroyed in the ship-to-ship combat between the pirates and the Air Marines. While observing the surroundings, she noticed Susan Determinator fall to her death, and Trevalayn Determinator jumping after her. She grabbed a soldier's dagger and threw it, killing Trevalayn. Afterwards, she stayed with a contingent of Marines to fortify the facility.

She, along with Ronan Longer and Horan Hayes, received medals for their victory over the pirates. After this, she eventually came to grips with her past and returned to the Greaser way of life.

Real World Influences

Her first name is the last name of a girl Xewleer liked.