A race of vampires who are led by Emperors and their disciples; known as Lords.


The Lidereith look like a mixture of humans with elven ears, though they can morph their ears to be more human like, but that is the extent of their shapeshifting powers. They don't particularly fear direct sunlight, but do not prefer it either, choosing to avoid it when possible. Being a vampire they gain increase sight and hearing, especially at night, and have an ability to move faster than a person can comprehend, giving them a sense of imitated time warping.

They can also fly, with the wings they keep inside their back bones, which can be absorbed back into the body, giving them the look of a normal person. Most, if not all, Lidereith retain their youthful looks for their entire lifespan and are known to look incredibly beautiful, a characteristic they use to entice prey. And finally, all Lidereith have an extremely long life span, so long that humans deem them to be immortal creatures.


Lidereith feed on fresh blood, usually from humans, but have been known to partake from other species as well. The act of feeding however, does not kill the victim, it merely dazes them, and the Lidereith can further choose to turn the individual into a temporary Lidereith as well.


No one knows the true origin of the Lidereith, however to become a permanent Lidereith. one must be infected by a Lord. To become a Lord, one must be infected by an Emperor. And to be an emperor, one must drink vast amounts of an emperor's blood and make a pact with the Crimson Realm.


There are currently 5 Emperors, they are not necessarily allied with each other, and each pursue their own interests. There is one rule involving the hierarchy however, for each emperor there can only be 2 Lords.

Current Emperors

Current Known Lords

Under Lilith Shureilia

Under Tiamat Lampir

Under Lamia Civetto

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Under Elendia Drakul

Under Fei Kuran

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