Lilith Shureilia was a Supreme Subjugator, who was abandonned by the True Ancestors causing her to become a Fallen One. She was later tricked by Cain and went berserk, but was sealed by Minerva before the Legends needed to step in. She later began to reside in the Crimson Realm and created her own species, the Lidereith.

Lilith Shureilia
  • Lizeith (Original)
  • Lilith Shureilia (Present)
Sex: Female
Rank: Crimson Emperor
Titles: The Vermilion Princess


Lilith Shureilia was born of the True Ancestors and was tasked with the eradication of Fallen Ones. She repeated the cycle of hunting and eradicating them then sleeping until they reincarnated. She was a mindless servant to the will of the True Ancestors, but she thought that she was of the same race as them, as she fed off the same life stream as them. But when the True Ancestors disappeared, her connection to the life stream ended and she found out the truth behind herself, that she was little different from the Fallen Ones she had been killing. Her bloodlust began to overtake her, so she ended her life in hopes of stopping herself from becoming a Fallen One.

One hundred years later she was reincarnated and realized that she needed to the blood of mortals to survive but she resisted it and continued to do so for seven hundred years. At the end of the cycle she met someone named Cain, he was a human that seeked eternal life, in his search for knowledge he had learned of the existence of Lilith Shureilia through the library of Liborium. Because she was ignorant of her true nature he easily tricked her into drinking his blood, this made her lose her sanity and she became a mindless Fallen One. She regained enough of her sanity to find Minerva and was sealed away for another few hundred years in Liborium.


  • Lilith Shureilia is not the name she was born with, her real name is Lizeith, which she chose to abandon after creating the Lidereith.