List of characters in the Rise of the Nadir story arc.

Act 1

Fall Harvest Arc


  • Gyurk - The second Imperial Blade, he is a new knight in Lord Walup's guard, mainly deciding to be one because of his dedication to pursuing his own sense of judgement. But when the lord goes mad and begins to kill the young women of the sky island because of a supposed curse, Gyurk is forced to choose to follow his vows or his own sense of judgement.

-Reference Dorothea manga

Heartlily Garden

-Reference Rhinoa Heartily FFVIII

  • Gear - The third Imperial Blade, he attempted to attack Mihli to provoke Gyurk, causing Gyurk to challenge him to a duel, where he easily defeated Gyurk. Mihli seeing his strength asked for his aid in training Barumei, Gear agreed, but told her not to get too attached with him.
  • Zell - an innkeeper's daughter, she fell in love with Gear and wishes for him to notice her, she is kidnapped by a bandit lord, Squall that wishes to use Gear's strength to take over Heartlily Garden.

-Reference FFIX

-Reference FFVIII

-Reference Seifer of FFVIII

Port Manteau

-Reference the word: Portmanteau

  • Cho-ah - The fourth Imperial Blade, she is a mail courier that has a night job as a thief, though some would say she is also a murderer. She enjoys killing imperial soldiers but has a "just" mindset when doing so, she believes that with the war going on the empire's leaders have forgotten what makes a country, the people and so she decides to become the people's resolve.

-Reference Magical J X R Manhwa

-reference Luminous Arc games

-Reference Prince of Persia games

Sunset Boule

-Boule is another word for Crystal

  • Wiseman - The fifth Imperial Blade, he was once a lorekeeper and made a promise to meet up with his lover fifty years ago, unfortunately she died and he never found out, he's been waiting on the bridge of their promise for fifty years until he meets Mihli. By the time he met Mihli, he had already forgotten his name, but she gave him a new one and offered him a spot in her new order for helping with Barumei's curse.
  • Rinoa - A lorekeeper, that was in love with Wiseman, she died shortly after her promise to meet him again and was never able to fulfill their promise.

-Reference FFVIII

  • Faust - An smuggler that also works as a small time arms dealer, he discovers Mihli's Royal Mark and tries to sell her off at first.
  • Seto - a female blademaster, she attacks Faust after he kidnaps Mihli and later decides to go after Sora.

-Reference Heaven's Will manga

Red Luna

-Sky Island and all characters originating from this island are reference to Legend of Heroes series, mainly The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean

  • Trefo - A bard, he is one of the best musicians in Estellion and is said to be able to sooth any curse with his Tuning Fork. Mihli and her entourage go to Red Luna to search for him after Wiseman tells them the story of his tuning fork. He makes a bargain with the group and if they can find him a Resonator's Stone, he will help Barumei.
  • Anu - a childhood friend of Forte, she loves him very much, but he doesn't seem to notice her. She decides to set out and fulfill his dream of obtaining a Resonator's Stone, she meets Mihli, who also wants to find it, and the two join forces. She is later killed by Tazmo for tricking him.
  • Cytherea - a blademaster with tied up, long, purple hair, she gives Mihli a Reasonator's Stone when Mihli loses the fake one to Tazmo, telling her: "The future still holds many trials for you, Neer." And is the one to rescue Mihli from Tazmo's ambush later

-Reference Kairi/Namine/Xion from Kingdom Hearts, her name also means Sea


  • Inane - a female blademaster, she tries to convince Gear to ally with her to stop Tazmo.

-reference the scantlation group

-reference the scantlation group

  • Natsu - A male blademaster, he is another of Tazmo's appentices.

-Reference Fairy Tail manga

  • Gemini - a powerful, female blademaster with long, blue hair, she kills Natsu and rescues Cytherea, just who is she?


  • Valerie - The sixth Imperial Blade, a gladiator, she excels in using ranged weaponry.
  • Alp - The young leader-to-be of the Lion Clan of Myrmidons that rule Cavalleria, he oversees the tournament and secretly particpates, making it into the finals.
  • Oichie - Alp's best friend and 2nd in command, they were childhood friends, he reasons with Alp and fills in his duties when Alp is away at the tournament.
  • Caelignis - a gladiator, she is of the race of Were
  • Raito - a gladiator, he is able to use the blood arts
  • Algusbi - a gladiator, he excels at hand to hand combat
  • Falsate - a gladiator, she is the returning champion, her ability is unknown
  • Zuraith - a gladiator, he is able to manipulate sound around a person
  • Thula - a dwarf gladiator, she has the ability to create quakes
  • Feyrbrand - an elf gladiator, she is skilled with fencing blades
  • Anon - a gladiator, he or she wears a cloak and manages to defeat contestants without taking it off

-ref. internet/4chan word for anonymous

-ref. Jeff Leach, co-founder of NakedPizza

-ref. Jeff Reifman, facebook application developer

Act 2: Mirror Princess





Down Level

Upper Level

Applegate Londinium

Act 3


  • Ikazo - A singer and song writer, he had an unrequited love for Madoka, creator of the song "I Love You".
  • Madoka - A popular, new singer, she views Ikazo as a rival from a dying breed of "old" generation singers, she struggles to write new music that will turn the hearts of people and steals a song Ikazo wrote for her.
  • Kagura - A singer that fell in love with Ikazo's music, she was one of his friends and sang a new song she made at his wake, her song Lost in a Wayward Storm later became famous throughout the empire.

Seventh Mist - Stamp Wars


Act 4

Birdcage Hollow

  • Calico - Tubel's adopted daughter, she died of Haeresis prior to the start of Rise.
  • Tubel - A famous dwarf, his skill in smithing is unrivaled.
  • Lize - Tubel's wife, she is

Act 5

Espada Reid


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