Marshall Dorleone was a member of the Arcadian military. He led his men in pursuing the army of Sabbatholm after the Battle of Sorrow's Refuge. They eventually came across a cave, after it started to rain, he and his army camped in a cave. As he was an important member of the Explorer's League, he explored the cave with a few choice officers. Finding Tloke's Seal, he read the inscription: 'Remove the gauntlet and release the great evil of the First Faceless one'.

Marshall Dorleone
Name: Marshall Dorleone
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Arcadia

He turned to leave, but he found a gauntlet on a ledge in a wall. He took it, but it was a part of the seal. The seal broke and dragged him into darkness. The entirety of his army was destroyed and an survivors of the first slaughter died within two weeks.

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