Mireille Di Lilty
Biographical Information



April 20


Child of Providence

Physical Description




Hair color

Dark Blue

Eye color

Dark Blue

Political & Military Information
Nation(s) Affiliated

Estellion Sky Empire

Faction(s) Affiliated

Crux of the Lost Age

Social Class


Position(s) or Rank(s)

Crown Princess (Estellion Sky Empire)

Family Information

House Lilty

Family members
Special Characteristics
Limiter Release

Garden of the Rounds


Providence (Mask)

Miscellaneous Information
Primary Weapon Name

Emperium Colibrand

Weapon Classification



Mireille Di Lilty, also known as Bathory Altair, is the eldest daughter of Mihli Lilty. She is the Crown Princess of the Estellion Sky Empire after the Era of the New World arc.


Mireille is the daughter of Levant Di Lilty from the future. She is a kind princess with a strong sense of justice and duty to her kingdom. She loves her father dearly and is always worrying over him. Her bond with her mother is shaky and she's unsure of how to act around her.

Doubt the World

When she is five years old, her father is killed by Inogo under the possession of Mor Graypel. She inherits his sword, the Emperium Calibrand, and devotes most of her life to fighting the Faceless Ones. After Mor Graypel invades Estel and kills Mihli Lilty, Mireille sought the help of Lycoris of Index Liborium. Under Minerva's guidance, Lycoris sends Mireille back in time before Levant's death and the awakening of Mor Graypel. She arrives during the Era of the New World with the Providence Mask and her Emperium Colibrand and subsequently dons the alias, Bathory Altair.

As Bathory Altair, she infiltrated the vast Altair Dukedom and used it's resources to help her father from the shadows. But when she prevents an injury that would forever rob Levant of his left eye, she spirals history down a new timeline, decidedly different from her own.


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