Oregino was a False Column who was a robotic scientist. He nearly went mad after the death of his family, leaving him one granddaughter, Dalia. He cherished her, but she died in a horrible lab explosion, which left Oregino nearly dead and entirely insane. Because of his work in robotics, he recreated her and designed an A.I. to mimic her. However, it was useless as she could never fully understand herself because of the limits of his ability.

Name: Oregino
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Himself

His A.I. could only know what he himself put in them. They could not learn or do anything he had not programmed them to. He shut her down and put her in a room, to be forgotten, but he never really could forget his failure. Eventually, he removed to a base deep in the Arcadian forest. He took along everything that he could find regarding his technology, including his granddaughter's copy.

There he built a factory, intending to create a robotic army, but he died before he could realize his new dream. His assistant, Cleaning Robot, following a forgotten directive place in it by his creator, killed all the inhabitants and cleaned up after himself. Oregino's body was burned, along with the those Cleaning Robot killed.