A recurring character that first appeared in the "Kiss You Goodbye" story arc. It is a source of humor and apparently has written many books. He also does merchandising, including hats, pens, 'autographed' photos and shirts.

Name: Plue
Sex: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Occupation: Traveling explorer and writer

People Mentioned in Plue's Writings

References: Play on the name of Misamisa from Death Note, character personality reference to Mita from Sarasah manga.

  • Mana Nemuru - Reference The World of Manya and Ōkami Kakushi

Books Written by Plue

The book chronicles Plue's journey to a land called Nazca, thought to be a Sky Island, where he encounters a dog Utan, MitaMika and stumbles upon a Giant Glowing Shroom.

This book is about Plue's adventures with the Fourteen Paladins. He is tossed off the edge of the sky island in the middle of the final battle, returning him to mid-world.

Short Stories/collections

Misc. Plue Sightings

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  • Based off a gnome Quatrevav had in World of Warcraft
  • Also a name reference to a character in Rave Master and Fairy Tail.