Punks are traveling marauders, colloquially called Land Pirates. They do not search for 'Home' but for profit and death. They are attacked on sight by the Arcadian Military. Their leader, like the King of Greasers, is the strongest around, but the one who holds the title changes often. Sometimes hired by the Assassin's Guild to attack certain targets without arousing suspicion of the guild's involvement. They also fought both for and against ECHO forces, depending on what they thought most beneficial.

Their hierarchy is dictated by the most dominant individual. A gang can be only a group of three lackeys and a gang leader, to massive armies lead by a monster. Erebus Waldren was the first ever to unite all the major gangs together. However, they quickly separated up into small groups and fled back to Arcadia. Previously, the most powerful leader had been Harley the Punk, who was slain during the events of the King of Greasers. They are occasionally led by a Shadow possessed individual.

Sworn enemies of the Greasers. Currently running around in small gangs, numbering less than one hundred. Once every year, they get together for Maul, a great festival. It has caused many many deaths, yet continues to be a popular event for the seedier underworld. At the end of it, all the Greasers gather together for the Dragmire Coronach and ends with them reciting the Dread Threnody. The song and poem are very important to them, being written by the first 'true' Punk, Havar Maul.