Ronan Longer was a Air Marine Captain. His ship was the Steadfast, a ship of medium size. He patrolled the Arcadia Forest, looking for pirates and looking after government contracted Treasure Hunters. He is no longer ambitious after he has attained this position, and has busied himself in running an excellent ship. He trusts his soldiers and often leaves much of the day to day running to them.

His second in command is Kell Johnson and his master at arms is Horan Hayes.

Ronan Longer
Name: Ronan Longer
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Affiliation: Arcadia

Ronan received a transmission from Vidai Alan's Treasure Hunters that they had found a facility deep in the forest. Because there was no urgency, they did not hurry and arrived to find that Sky Pirates (Susan Determinator and her group) had attacked and were taking over. As the Steadfast outclassed the pirate air ship, it was quickly destroyed and they invaded the facility. Kell Johnson was chosen to lead the attack. Longer sent Horan Hayes with ten men down to the main entrance to try to contain the pirates.

Eventually, Kell was called away to help repair a communications array, and Longer had to lead an attack himself. He and Trevalayn Determinator met and crossed weapons, but both retreated of their own free will before either was hurt. Longer then communicated with Horan to find the Treasure hunters and provide backup for them. During the end of the battle, he directed his men to blow a wall behind the main body of pirates and attack them from the rear. That action, as well as the deaths of Susan and Trevalayn, broke the pirates and caused them to surrender.

Afterward, he received a medal for swift and decisive action during the battle, with Kell and Horan. After his time in the military, he became a recruitment agent in Arcadia City and eventually died of old age.