A criticized "hero" of Windbloom.

Rufus Kristoffer
Name: Rufus Kristoffer
Sex: Male
Species: Half Blood (Human / Elf)
Affiliation: Leader of Idium Liberation Force (I.L.F.)

"Champion of Windbloom" "Hawke of Idium"

Tragedy of Idium

During the Tragedy of Idium, he prevented the invasion of Windbloom by Netherwind forces by overloading the power cores in the nearby town of Idium. He was forced into sacrificing all 300,642,000 citizens and 121,135,000 of his comrades in order to destroy the 700 million strong Netherwind invasion force. Afterwards he faked his death, and began a revolutionary movement against the government.


He was once a knight under the command of Ghis.

Kiss you Goodbye

He falls in love with Alicia not knowing she is the Princess of Windbloom and helps her escape the royal castle during the Siege of Dylan.

Original Concept