Seventh Magic, also known as Light Techniques, Light Energy, Light Magic, or White Magic is a mastery that is bestowed upon those said to be blessed by The Light, allowing those users to call upon abilities linked with Light. Abilities and techniques using this energy resist Dark Energy, while having effects of blinding, healing, or inner-burning depending on the technique.

Known Users

List of Abilities

  • Light Wave - A short to long range wave ability that shoots light energy. It is a powerful attack that blinds enemies as it approaches and burns those it hits.
  • Holy Fire - Engulfs the target in a fire that burns from within.
  • Pillar of Light - One of the most powerful light spells, it requires 333 people to cast it. A beam of light from the heavens will strike down on a target, the size of the beam depends on the power of the 333 people.

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