A term used to refer to the entire world in the NFWP Project (this wiki and the world the stories on it take place in). The term includes both the existence of The world as a "server" and a "world". Immortals tend to call The World, SYSTEM.



The World began in 2004 as a simple story assignment for an english class. The first creator, Quatrevav35 or "Ash" originally envisioned The World as a fantasy land where warfare existed without gunpowder and automatic infantry weapons being the core.

Soon afterwords, Xewleer and a few other former, minor affiliates signed on and helped to mold The World into what it has become now.

The World (Server)

In the world of "The World" there exists a central server where every timeline is hosted.

The World 1.0 : Ignition

The "main" timeline of the wiki project, almost every story and article written takes place here. This world is always referred to as the FIRST WORLD or TERRA.

The World 2.0 : ReLoaded

Also known as Otherside or Anotherside, it is the server that hosts a version of the timeline where the Shadows engulfed the world of man and are battling the machines and winning. Most of the Shadows from the Rise of the Nadir story arc are from this version of The World. This world is referred to as the SECOND WORLD.

The World 3.0: ReVerse

Also known as Alternative, not much is known about this world except that the existence of Time Travelers and alternate realities of characters are rampant. This world is referred to as the THIRD WORLD, it's denizens are known as ALTERNATIVES.

The World 4.0: ReImagined

The World 5.0: ReBirth


  • Xewleer - To me, the world is my true foray into writing. I value my writings here greatly, and would not trade this for anything in the world. I can't wait for this to expand.
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