A Faceless One who was a powerful general. Serves THE Faceless One nominally, but does his own thing when left unwatched for too long. He was sealed by the Dragons but released when Marshal Dorleone broke Tloke's Seal by taking the gauntlet which bound it. He then killed the Marshal, and all his army that was encamped in and about the cave. Using his army he broke the back of Sabbatholm forces and began to destroy the Arcadian Military.

Name: Tloke
Sex: Male
Species: Faceless One
Rank: Faceless General
Affiliation: The Faceless One/Himself

His greatest victory was when he tricked the son of the current Grand Marshall Glare into attacking a town he had retreated from then surrounding him before the boy could fall back. He then caused the deaths of many of Harod Glare's companions, including a captain, Jerome Tray and Lothar. His second in command, Grake, was able to cause Jerome to turn evil before his death and take a Gem Harness from Beatrix, Harod's second in command and girlfriend. Grake also thwarted two Explorer's League agents from gathering any useful data on their forces, but was unable to kill them before they made an attempt on Tloke's life.

Tloke then took Harod before the Arcadian forces arrayed against him and executed him. This broke the spirit of Grand Marshall Glare and without his leadership, the Marshall's under him were unable to organize properly and their armies were routed. Glare escaped but died of a broken heart soon after. Beatrix, having survived the assault on her life, attempted to kill Tloke during the battle, but was killed when Jzonzz, Tloke's adviser, stabbed her in the back.

After the Faceless War ended, he disappeared, the Explorer's League reports that he is somewhere organizing the Sky Pirates of Narthus, but there are no confirmations. He is yet at large, and will make an appearance again someday.