Tybalt Graves is a former vagrant and Heaven's Blade that sought fame. He traveled the world in hopes of meeting that goal, but instead of becoming famous he lost his purpose as the people he met betrayed his trust.

He later came back to Althea and through meeting a woman named: Yehl, he eventually ended up marrying the Former Princess of Althea.

Name: Tybalt
Sex: Male
Species: Human


Tybalt gained the title of Heaven's Blade early on in life, but did not let many others know of it. His sword, Vanishing Star, took the form of a normal blade to reflect this. He did not have many friends and tended to over think things. He later joined a trade guild, there he befriended many people and generally lived a complacent life. But his peaceful existence was short lived, when a major deal went wrong, his "friends" placed the blame on him and he was thrown into a labor camp to pay off the debts.

This made him distrustful of people and he generally worked as a laborer without question, his blade had dulled and his conviction non-existent. After he had worked to pay off the debts, he decided to travel the world, where he met Shay York, whom he became good friends with. Shay noticed Tybalt's lack of conviction and so he decided to show him his conviction. Shay had built an orphanage in Arcadia and decided to make it an enjoyable place for those children that had been abandoned or left behind.

It was here that Tybalt met Rin Ferron, a young girl that idolized him. He thought of her as like a younger sister and decided to teach her swordsmanship after she begged him so many times.

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