Nine Saints, nine worlds, nine keys, and nine pieces of the soul, thus were binding requirements for sealing the Everlaughing Witch Liselotte Corvina.


1st's Fate

2nd's Reflection

3rd's Remorse

  • 3rd/Shael - A man plagued by the stained hands of a murderer. He seeks redemption through battle and wants to overcome this fear.
  • Makina - A private investigator looking into the Shadow Wreath incidents.
  • Shadow Wreath - A mysterious entity that is blamed for the mysterious disappearances around the city.

4th's Harmony

  • 4th/Tricia - A girl that contracted AIDS through a contaminated blood-transfusion at birth.
  • Alto



7th's Corral




1st's Fate ~Free the World~

If we are here and our hearts are here and if we are living and feeling these emotions, isn’t this reality in itself?

2nd's Reflection ~Break the Chain~

If the love you hold is an illusion created by your mind to substitute for a lost love, then are you worthy of being reflected in that person's eyes?

3rd's Remorse ~Shoulder the Crime~

If someone would kill you or someone else close to you, could you take another's life without hesitation?

4th's Harmony

If you were to die and throughout your life you lived a painful existence where everyone had detested you for nothing you had control over, would you want to leave proof that you existed?

7th's Corral

If the love you had and the love you held would doom the world, could you throw them away?


Locations and Terminology

1st's Fate

Deception Worlds

Planes within Xanatos;Deception.


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